When child’s first ever education is taken into accountparents found the right solution with the educational institutions that can act as the brain booster for the child. This is the Abacus. Yes, Abacus is an educational counting tool for learning to do fast and accurate mental arithmetic, applicable for children 5 to 13 years.Moreover, particularly it helps in enhancing their brain skills such as visualization and concentration by activating the right brain, the sear of intelligence. The ipb-abacus is thereby come into parents’ viewpointthat can give the effective Maths Abacus for Kids. The present invention introduces a tool which can display colour image representing any value by moving the sliders up and down.
Abacus is the generic tool that had travelled thousands of years in the history of man and continues to live even today as a live magic frame of beads thatis a standing testimony to the greatness of this frame beads. The travel that it undertook did bring transformation of the Abacus in its looks. The industrial revolution and the love for the machine in the 20th century and the computer revolution later in the century had totally left the Abacus in an untouched state.
Valid Reason for Introducing the Course with IPB-Abacus:
Ipb-abacus is the prominent name and the pioneering Abacus Training Institute where parents will find these marvellouscounting frames that helps the user to do faster mathematical calculations using both the hands. The counting frame has rods and beads which can be moved with the fingers of both hands to do the calculations, and one can derive results by beads final position. Reasons for Introducing the Course into Our Institution:

  • We aim to look after your child on behalf of yours by offering them the effective education through playing

  • We understand your requirements and care towards your child precisely; therefore, we employ qualified teachers to do the learning process more ease

  • Out-of-the-box Maths Abacus for Kids is guarantee and ipb-abacus takes this as a serious thing and implements the innovative things to boost the brains.


With effective implementation of ipb-abacus’s courses, your children can obtain a trained platform which helps them to visualize the Abacus and also helps them to move fantastically beads in their mind when the additions are read out to them. Continuous practice of this will give them a power booster to learn how to visualize and envision whatever been taught in our class like diagrams, maps and so on. The same is also applicable to other activities rather than studies.

In order to give desired answered accurately for each and every question; children have to carefully listen to the addition process that is being taught during the class time. Of which it helps them to read as well as concentrate on the subjects so as to visualize that in their mind later. Continuation in this manner will become habitual after few days.

Whenever a child is on the voyage to visualize the questions on the imaginary world of abacus after listening to the class, then they have to put some effort and apply some of the logics to do the suitable movement of beads in the mind only. This ability of doing is helping the children to increase their logical reasoning power and helps them to put into use of the logics in several situations and even in real-life situations.

As soon as the beads are moved in the children’s mind, they started to picture the position of the beads that are showed in their mind. Unless and until the picture is constructed in their mind they would not be able to even attain the questions that were asked during the course. In that case, the Photographic memory facilitates the students to capture the imaginary pictures and uses the most out of it in their memory.

Lastly, the children could recall the imaginary picture of the abacus that was previously imagined by them and with the appropriate movement of beads; they can answer all the questions exactly with confidence. It is the most significant part for the students as they may study profligately, but unless and until they don’t have the ability to recall then it will be hard for them to score well in the examination.